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Vegan 2015

Hey there visitors to GKSPLACE.COM! Sorry, I haven’t posted lately. I am as committed more than ever to the lifestyle changes I advocate. Due to the time requirements of my professional life, I have not had the time to review, and post material. I could post every day, if it wasn’t important to me to separate the fact-based science versus pop journalism, and that can only be done by taking some diligence on reviewing what I post.

My resolution for 2016 is to post more frequently and make this site more friendly. Thank you for visiting. This site continues to get new visitors daily.

Here is a recap of 2015 I thought was a good concentrated look at the media coverage over the past year regardless of what side of the argument.

Dr. McDougall- Chapter Nine- Molecules of Life

This is the final chapter in Dr. McDougall’s nine chapter series- Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad Free Truth. This presentation focuses on the biochemistry of sugars, carbon, glucose, and a rise in the obesity is parallels the rise in obesity.

Dr.McDougall – Chapter Eight- Low-Carb Hysteria.

If I could tie my friends and loved ones to a chair and make them watch one video, this might be it. I am told daily, that carbs are bad. McDougall does a great job sorting out the various diets, how they work, and the good and bad of each.

This is the eighth part of Dr. McDougall’s, Fighting the Big Fat Lies and Fad-Free Truth.

Dr. Denis Burkitt interviewed by Dr. John McDougall

This is the full interview with Dr. Burkitt that is previewed in Chapter Seven, Intestines from the Beginning

Dr.McDougall- Chapter Seven, Intestines from the beginning

This is the 7th Chapter in Dr. McDougall’s nine video series, “Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad-Free Truth”. This includes an interview with Dr. Denis Burkitt, who spent ten years in Uganda and discusses his observations of illnesses commonly found in the Western diet that were non-existent in Africa. I have also posted Dr. Burkitt’s complete interview.

Dr.McDougall- Chapter Six- Kitchen Essentials by Susan McDougall

This is the sixth chapter of the course Dr.McDougall- Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad Free Truth. In this chapter, Susan McDougall presents practical advise on how to equip the kitchen and menu planning to live a healthy whole food, plant based diet.

Dr McDougall- Chapter 5 – Meat & the human diet

Dr.McDougall- Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad-Free Truth, Chapter Five- Meat and the human diet. This is a continuation of Dr. McDougall 9 chapter series

Dr. McDougall-Chapter 4 – Marketing milk & disease.

This is Chapter 4 of Dr McDougall- Fighting the big fat lies with fad free truth. It continues Chapter 3’s lecture on milk. A summary of the health problems associated with dairy.

Dr McDougall- Chapter Three- Milk is for baby cows.

This is the third chapter of Dr McDougall- Fighting the big fat lies with fad free truth. In this chapter, Dr. McDougall takes on Cow’s Milk. Very informative review of the scientific literature.

Dr.McDougall-Chapter 2-Reading Between the Lines (Reading Labels)

The second in the nine Chapter Series – Fighting the big fat lies with fad free truth. This is presented by Mary McDougall, nurse and coauthor of McDougall Books.